Mariana & Adrián

Mariana & Adrián
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After four years of practice, Mariana and Adrián know how to make a long-distance relationship work. That doesn’t make the waiting any easier, but they’re stronger because of it.

They met in Puebla, Mexico nearly 4 years ago. He is from Spain but was there working as an electrical engineer. They met through an app and talked for over a month until they went out on their first date. 

“We fell head over heels for each other. He is just the sweetest and most loyal guy. I remember I loved how he was kind of shy but so loving with the ones he is close to. 

After that first date, we started spending every waking moment we had together. We basically lived together.  Even though Adrián traveled a lot for work, this was his first time outside of Europe and in Mexico. So we traveled every single weekend we had.”

‘To be or not to be’ in a Long-Distance Relationship?

“Honestly, we didn’t even think about the fact that we were about to get into a long-distance relationship. Until the day he had to go back home. It was so hard for us. We didn’t know how to make a long-distance relationship work. We decided the best thing to do was break up. 

I’m a linguist, and back then I was working as a kindergarten English teacher. I just didn’t make enough to leave everything and follow him to Spain. And of course, I didn’t want him to be stuck with all the expenses. 

For four months we were separated while he was in Bilbao. Meanwhile, I decided to get my career going as a remote translator. We constantly checked in on each other and it was clear there was something special between us. So he did everything he could to be reassigned to Mexico. He was my inspiration to work remotely. 

After that, he was (almost miraculously) assigned to another project in San Luis Potosí. Once again, without even thinking about it, we were back together. And we were happier than ever. After this project he was a regular in the Mexican team, so he was never gone for more than 2 months at a time. 

Until the end of last year. He was sent to South Africa, where he was in March when the Coronavirus lockdown happened. He was repatriated back to Spain before I could manage to come and visit him.”

How Their Relationship Has Changed Because of Corona

“Spain was supposed to open borders for third countries in May. We immediately booked a flight, only to have it canceled a couple days after due to the EU decision.

Now we are still waiting for any news so I can travel. Adrián’s work is in the automotive industry and requires him to be in town, so he can’t come here so easily. I work remotely so, theoretically, it is easier for me to move.

Since Adrián immediately adapted and loved Mexican culture, he misses living here deeply. We were planning to have him relocated here through his work. I would spend as much time as possible in Spain in the meantime.

For Adrián, an outgoing and social guy, it has been really hard having to spend time quarantined and apart. We have been constantly talking to each other during this time, trying to remain positive.

We have gone a long way ever since that first date. Even though it is always hard to be apart we remain hopeful we will get to spend at least the fall and holidays together. Then all the wait will be worth it.”

Mariana’s Advice on How to Make a Long-Distance Relationship Work

“On the bright side, I think this time apart has made us an even stronger couple. Since we were already pretty experienced due to Adrián’s work, we know how to make a long-distance relationship work. We know how to make each other laugh and keep things going. 

When you are apart for months (in this or any other situation) it is always helpful to look forward to the next meeting. 

Keep doing nice things for the other, every single day. 

And always remember that he or she is the one, that they are worth it.”

Other Couples Make Long-Distance Relationships Work Too

Mariana and Adrian are not the only ones who emphasize the importance of humor and kind gestures to keep their relationship going while they’re apart.

A and B also advise others not to take things too seriously. They shared a script of their dialogue with each other over Whatsapp and Skype, shaving B’s beard and recording A’s reaction! These are dark times during Corona: laughter can lighten your mood and lift you up.

Share with us in the comments what you do to cheer each other up during lockdown.

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