Mylynh & Aaron: Long-Distance Date Ideas

Mylynh & Aaron: Long-Distance Date Ideas
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They’ve been in a long-distance relationship for 3 years. After such a long time apart, Mylynh has come up with some killer long-distance date ideas.

Maintaining a distance for that amount of time is no joke. When I heard about their long-distance relationship success, I knew I had to hear their experience and find some tips for managing a relationship from afar.

How the Relationship Began

“We met through a mutual friend 3 years ago in Canada, where I live. My friends and I were throwing a party, and a mutual friend invited Aaron at the last minute. He was really quiet at the party so we didn’t talk much that first night. But he says I left an impression. 

We started hanging out a lot and that’s when he told me he was interested in me. The main thing I remember from our first dates is how sweet and thoughtful he was. He bought me a water bottle because I was thirsty after a night out in Toronto.

After some time, Aaron had to move back to America where his family is originally from. And that’s when we started dating long-distance.  Through it all, I’ve learned to be resourceful and creative.  In retrospect, I am confident in my relationship because we’ve both stayed committed and invested through all the hard times.” 

How The Pandemic Has Affected Their Relationship

“I can certainly attest that maintaining a long-distance relationship during a pandemic is hard. In the past, planning future trips helped to alleviate the sadness that comes with being so far away from your loved one. 

There is a lot of uncertainty during this period. Not having a date to look forward to makes it harder to stay positive. We’ve had to adapt to the new situation and have more difficult conversations.

We’ve had to address what was missing and how we could help each other better. But in the end, if we can stay strong during this pandemic,  it will only get better from here. One day we can look back and be grateful for the experience.”

Mylynh’s Long-Distance Date Ideas

On her lifestyle and self-care blog, Mylynh compiled a list of long-distance date ideas that have helped her connect with Aaron virtually. Some of them include:

Mapping out your goals and dreams together – She recommends sitting down on a video chat and discussing both immediate and future goals that you have with each other. This a great thing to practice because couples who can work on things together and plan their future have a much better chance of staying together for their whole future! 

Play ‘How Well Do You Know Your Partner?’ – You’ll need a friend to help you. Have them ask questions for your partner to answer about you. Have your partner’s friend do the same. You can race to answer the questions and find out new things about each other. 

Travel the world together (with Google Maps Satellite View) – There are so many ways to learn about culture and experience the sights and knowledge of another country. During the pandemic, that’s easier than ever. Many museums and travel companies are offering virtual experiences that you can do online, to see something exciting from your own home. You can also check out Street Art with Google, which shows famous street art from around the world.

Play ‘Truth or Drink’ – It’s like Truth or Dare, except the dare is always to drink! This is another great way to get to know your partner while having fun playing a virtual drinking game. It’s important to have these activities to boost morale and to chase away the feelings of sadness that come with the uncertain situation.

Mylynh’s Final Advice for Couples in Long-Distance Relationships

“During this pandemic, I created a long-distance Instagram account, started a website, and now I am learning about digital illustration. There are always things to keep you busy during the quarantine. And there are always ways to connect with your partner online. “

Being in a long-distance relationship provides you with more opportunities to explore this. If you’re interested in more creative date ideas, you can check out Sandra and Stefan’s story. They’ve put together some cute suggestions and have an inspirational positive outlook!

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