Aadya & William

Aadya & William
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Their long distance just got longer. Even though it’s hard, they’re not just surviving the distance but exploring what their long-distance relationship teaches them.

I met Aadya through a Facebook group for couples in long-distance relationships. We were both taking part in a thread that someone posted about how international couples met. I loved Aadya’s honest and straightforward rendition of how she met William, so I asked her to submit.

How Their Story Began

The Friend Zone Becomes the Boyfriend Zone

On top of her dentistry profession, Aadya also has a passion for art. She and a friend had made plans to visit a local exhibition. The night before, her friend had met William, a traveler from New Zealand. He was taking photos of people in the busy streets of New Delhi, India. Ishaan loves meeting the tourists that come through the city and he always goes out of his way to introduce himself to them. After that, he invited William to the show with them. 

“The three of us had such a great time together that night. William is a very curious traveler and he wanted to hear about our life in New Delhi and the areas beyond. He mentioned that the packed busses and crowded areas were a new experience for him, even though he’d been to plenty of big cities in his travels. As a photographer, he says the more people the more art.

I really love his adventurous and curious spirit. He wants to talk to everyone he meets and to find out what makes them experience happiness, sadness, excitement, and so on. 

After the show, we introduced him to a favorite restaurant of ours and we all had a few drinks. We were laughing so much all night. He told us great stories of interesting people he had met in his travels and we told him funny things that happened to us in our daily lives. We jokingly made a travel itinerary for him. We recommended all the busiest places in New Delhi where he could take photos. 

He ended up visiting them all because he stayed in my city for six months. We started out as friends; I showed him around the city. After a month, I started to like him more and began to think about dating him. Later, we talked about how we started developing feelings for each other. He said that he’d liked me right away but didn’t want to make me uncomfortable in our friendship. 

Even though we often spent time with other friends in a group, we were alone together one hot evening in the summer. He said he wanted to kiss me and I wasn’t opposed! It was a funny first kiss because he was a little embarrassed and kissed me while I still had ice cream in my mouth. We laughed about it. From then on, we were dating. 

After William’s time on his visa ran out, we started a long-distance relationship. With my work I’m not able to travel much, but we did take a vacation to Sri Lanka together. When he was able to return to India, he came back again.”

What Their Long-Distance Relationship Teaches Them

“Up until now, the long-distance relationship hasn’t been too hard. We had never gone more than one or two months without seeing each other before the Coronavirus. We always felt that any time longer than a month was way too long to go without seeing each other.

After the lockdown of the borders, I joined a Facebook group to get some support since it has been three months since we’ve seen each other. I was surprised to find out some couples only see each other once a year, while some have never even met in person. 

This must be very challenging and I am grateful to get advice from couples who have this amount of dedication and patience. I realize now what a long-distance relationship teaches us and I’m trying to apply these skills in my own life. 

When we found out we may not see each other again for many months, we came up with a little game. We would both spend time learning about a country in the world and would teach the other what we learned from our ‘studies.’ It’s a really fun way to forget about the virus and separation and think about the day when we can travel again. 

As the time grows longer and longer, we find that nothing beats physical touch and sleeping by the person you love at night! By now, it’s getting difficult to remain positive. But we cheer each other up by talking about what we will do when we’re finally in the same place again.

We have a lot to talk about when it comes to the future, as many couples do. William still has the nomadic bug and isn’t sure if he’s ready to settle down in one place, but after this long separation we want to find a better solution so we don’t end up in this situation again!”

Why Learning From Your Long-Distance Relationship is So Important

For many couples in a long-distance relationship, it’s not easy to close the distance. Travel can be expensive, and leaving a job can be scary and sometimes impossible. 

Each couple who submits a story on this website shares little strategies they use to get themselves through the long distance. Sometimes that’s video chatting every day, reading together, sending gifts, or their own customized technique.

Being separated from your favorite person during a nation-wide pandemic is no joke! These activities may seem small but they are ways each person decides what their long-distance relationship teaches them. Endurance and patience are just two qualities that can be part of the outcome.

The phrase “absence makes the heart grow fonder” is all too true in a long-distance relationship. Often, when you’re away from your partner for many months or even more, you realize what that person is made of. You discover their resilience in the time of hardship and you find out how you work together to get through it.

These discoveries while overcoming a hardship not only increase your intimacy as a couple but also help you establish a foundation for how you’ll deal with things life throws at you in the future. So even though the days get longer and longer, try to be grateful for this time apart in quarantine to develop skills that will stick with you for life.

Sometimes the best way to learn these skills is through hearing what others have tried that worked. If you’ve struggled in your long-distance relationship, if you’ve tried something together that worked, we’d love to hear your experience. We’ll share it here so others can learn from you!

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