Edwina & Sol

Edwina & Sol
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Edwina writes how blessed she feels to be with Sol even though they’ve been apart for 3 months. They get through the hardship of a long-distance relationship by showing love through clever ways.

Edwina and Sol met in January 2020 in Singapore where they both swiped right on Tinder. Sol was on holiday while Edwina was back home for her summer break. 

“It was pure fate. Not only did she appear on my tinder cards, but she ALSO swiped right on me! It’s insane considering how beautiful she is. I convinced her, with some persuasion, to come out with my friends and me to some clubs.

When I met her, she surpassed all my expectations. She was so unreal, so beautiful. I was glad I wasn’t catfished, and I got to be in the presence of such a gorgeous girl! My first impression of her was that she’s so funny, fun, and exciting to be around.

It was the best night out I’ve ever had: fun and innocent, just dancing and singing our hearts out. The next day I asked her out again and we went to a beautiful bar that overlooked the city. It was 71 floors up, and I would consider that our first date since it was just the two of us. It was also the best night I’ve ever had!! Is it possible for both nights to be the best?

After getting to know her for four sweet days, I had to leave Singapore to return to Australia where I study. She returned to Taiwan, and we met again a month later (in Malaysia) for a short getaway. Since then, we haven’t been able to see each other. When the borders closed, we knew that if we left our respective countries, we wouldn’t be able to return.

We currently don’t know when we’ll see each other again since Australia is on a strict lockdown without information about when the border will reopen.”

Hardships of a Long-Distance Relationship and What They Do to Overcome Them

“Being apart is not easy at all, especially since we both love physical touch. Trying to study and be productive is pretty tough and that makes the distance that much harder. But knowing that one day I will get to have her in my arms again gives me so much strength to push through the hardship of a long-distance relationship.

Here’s what’s even harder: we’ve been away from each other for three months. We don’t have an end date for when we’ll see each other again. So we rely heavily on reassurances that we are both with each other through thick and thin. 

The most important of our long-distance relationship tips and advice is communication. We constantly remind each other of our love with the other languages of love (words, service, time, gifts). It definitely helps. Here are some things we do to demonstrate: morning calls, ordering Ubereats, sending flowers and cute memes, voice notes, and videos. The list goes on!

When there is any miscommunication or argument, we always remind each other that it is us against the problem, and not against each other.”

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