Suzy & Kaz

Suzy & Kaz
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After living apart for 3 years, they’re an example of long-distance relationship success. They moved in together in Perth, but are now separated again.

They met on Tinder while Suzy was backpacking around New Zealand. She was looking for locals who could help her out with some tips on what to do around Christchurch. Kaz is from there, born and bred, so he offered to give her a tour of the city.

“That same morning an earthquake struck so I like to say he rocked my world!

Although I continued traveling after our first few dates, we kept talking. A couple of months later, he came over to the UK and that cemented our long-distance relationship.”

Fast-forward four years later…

“We had been living together in Perth for nearly a year when the pandemic really ramped up. We were expecting a couple of months apart near the end of March when I returned to the UK for work and family time. Kaz headed back to New Zealand for his work.

We moved our flights forward to avoid being caught by border closures. Just in the nick of time, we arrived back at home. It was really tough to make such a rushed departure from the home we loved in Perth.

He had planned to visit the UK in those months before we both returned to New Zealand together after the summer. But obviously, that isn’t happening. Now I’m based just outside London while Kaz is in Christchurch, New Zealand. It’s the furthest possible long distance!

Added to our long-distance relationship struggles are the stresses of moving. For me, it’s moving back in with my mum after years of living away, and for him, it’s moving back in with housemates!

The biggest obstacle is that we don’t know when we will be together again. After we finally beat 3 years of long-distance, we found ourselves right back at the start. Only this time it’s without an end date. We’d worked so hard to be together and finally got through the other side, only to face the same old battles of timezones and dodgy WiFi connections.”

How They’ve Achieved Long-Distance Relationship Success for So Many Years

“Of course, we miss each other every day. Losing out on time together is a struggle. But we’re grateful to be safe and somewhere familiar even if not together. It would be a lot nicer to be in lockdown together, but more time at home has its benefits too. We get to chat more, replacing all the time we would have spent commuting!

We’ve managed our long-distance relationship for a long time (over 3 years in total), so I like to think we have gained a good set of skills being an antipodean couple!

My top long-distance advice (whether that’s relationships, friendships, or family) is to keep communicating. Be as open as you can.

Without all the physical cues and regular chances to share your thoughts, it’s important to be honest with your partner. Tell them how you’re doing, what you’re feeling, and express any concerns. With open dialogue, you can go from being ‘me’ to ‘us’ and grow as a couple.

Long-distance doesn’t have to stunt your relationship. You can continue to develop your connection and understand each other better. Maybe even in ways not possible when you’re together! I try to see time apart as an opportunity. It’s a period when I can work on myself and my own interests, support my partner in a new way, and challenge myself with thinking creatively as a couple.

That’s not to say we find it easy. We have good days of feeling positive for our future, and bad days where all we want is a hug from our partner. We’re taking it one step at a time, knowing we will be together again eventually.”

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