Michael & Andrea

Michael & Andrea
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They’re waiting out the quarantine with a long-distance open relationship, making plans to live in Munich when it’s all over.

Last year, Michael got really into solo traveling. He’d been working for an IT company in Munich for several years and was able to do a lot of his work remotely. He took lots of trips that year to many European countries and enjoyed getting to know people in hostels and through the Couchsurfing app.

He met Andrea in Cluj, Romania, where she was studying. They had gone out for drinks with a group that got together through Couchsurfing and they really hit it off.

“I always hesitate to initiate relationships or sex when I meet someone on Couchsurfing because I want to preserve the integrity of the app, to keep it a fun way for travelers to meet other people and feel safe when they meet up. But we all went dancing after the drinks and Andrea made the first move so I knew it was ok. 

We really liked each other right away, so we kept talking when I went back to Munich. When we talked about meeting up again, I said I had to tell her something. I’m polyamorous. I didn’t always know about this term, but I always knew that it didn’t sit right for me to be in monogamous relationships. They never made me happy.

At one point, a past girlfriend and I broke up because of this. That’s when I started reading. I found lots of books and found that other people in the world are polyamorous like me, and there’s actually a term for it! I believe that when two people truly love each other, they don’t want the other to go without something that would make them happy. 

I’m always upfront with any girl that I’m interested in because I want to be honest right from the start. So I called Andrea on the phone and told her that she should know I’m not monogamous. She said that she isn’t either. 

After that, I visited her a lot and we met up to travel to different places pretty frequently. We always have an amazing emotional and physical connection and we have good communication habits. 

I own my apartment here in Munich so she’s planning on coming to live with me. In fact, she would have moved here in April if it hadn’t been for the travel restrictions due to the virus.”

How They Manage Their Long-Distance Open Relationship

“There’s a lot of emotions now with the anticipation of living with a partner for the first time and then having that postponed. I can’t wait for Andrea to come live with me and I miss her. I hope and believe everything will go well when we’re living together.

Since we’re in an open relationship, she is having a casual friendship with benefits with a guy who lives above her in her building. We don’t feel any ownership toward each other and we stick to our open relationship rules we’ve made. We’re always honest about our sexual partners.

We still do a lot of video chatting and it turns me on to hear about what she does with the guy in her building.

Since we’ve been in a long-distance relationship since the beginning, we’ve always done lots of stuff online together. We both read a lot so we read the same book and keep each other updated on what chapter on we’re on, then discuss it.

We even read aloud to each other sometimes. She’s very good at it so I enjoy listening. We each take turns reading one chapter. It’s a good way to pass the time in quarantine.

When it comes down to it, we’re just trying to wait patiently until the borders reopen so Andrea can come here and we’ll finally get to see each other every day.” 

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