Jack & Annette

Jack & Annette
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They discovered long-distance relationship hacks after meeting in Paris and living apart for two years. Their new challenge is there’s no end in sight.

Jack and Annette met in Paris at a health conference two years ago. He’s from Belfast and she lives in Lyon, France.  On the second night of the conference, they met at a party after the event.

“I noticed Annette immediately. I wanted to initiate contact, wondering who she was. Maybe she was somebody’s girlfriend?

After about twenty minutes of getting up my nerves to talk to her, I had a drink and then just approached her directly. I said hi, asked what her name was and how she liked the conference. I said I was waiting for a colleague and that I would love to talk with someone about the conference.

The whole time I thought I sounded so stupid, but she smiled and said that she would love to chat because she was waiting for a friend. She knew who I was, which made things easier and the conversation flowed freely after that. 

At some point, we added each other on Facebook. When we stepped away from each other I looked at her photos and relationship status. I loved her voice, her eyes, smile, and accent. And her intelligence. We ended up talking again for about an hour, then danced and enjoyed the music for the rest of the night.

I was supposed to go home two days after the conference but postponed it. We both stayed in Paris longer, four more days. We explored the beauty of the city, with Annette as the tour guide. She had lived in Paris for several years so she showed me hidden gems everywhere. 

I even met some of her friends. We laughed, talked, danced, and fucked. We even went to Disneyland one afternoon.

Neither of us had been in a long-distance relationship before so we weren’t sure about getting into one at the beginning. We said we’d give it a shot and see how it went. 

Things went really well and we spent as much time with each other as possible. After visiting each other about once a month, we spent the summer together. We were apart during autumn, then spent winter together last year. Every time we met there was such passion!”

Challenges Brought on by Closed Borders in Corona

“Annette was planning a visit to see me in March. We were so furious the night we found out the flight was canceled. We were both pretty anxious for a whole week, realizing I wouldn’t make it to France in April, and who knows when it will be after that?

We were disappointed that we didn’t act earlier, when we first starting hearing about the spread of the virus. After the initial disappointment and worry, we realized that we are stronger than anything and started inventing our ‘Corona mode.’”

Jack and Annette’s Long-Distance Relationship Hacks

“Technology is our best friend. Give it a try! The crisis accelerated our experimentation with online options. There are so many different tools you can use to play! Trying new things makes us both excited and horny. 

We often prepare and eat breakfast together with our cameras on. Routines matter. Create new, meaningful, and empowering routines. Starting and ending days together works for us. We often watch movies together connecting our Netflix accounts.

This shit will end. As soon it becomes possible we will probably move in together. Corona has accelerated things for us.”

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