Ivana & Pavle

Ivana & Pavle
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They’ve spent months apart, but they’re not giving up. They’ve got some long-distance relationship tips to share.

Ivana met Pavle because of his interest in learning German. Ivana happened to be a German teacher so they met at Zemun Quay to begin their first lesson.

“We walked to the end of the quay where we sat in one of the bars along the Danube river. We had coffee and talked. Then we had a beer and talked some more. One beer became more beers, which led to dancing in the city center. The class never happened, but we did.

He moved to Germany for his studies and I stayed in Serbia.  We had no idea how a long-distance relationship would function, but the strong feeling of connection was enough to give it a try.

It worked! Our long-distance relationship has been an adventure from the start. We have spent time together in various cities in Germany and the Balkans. On April 1st, I should have been arriving in Cologne to study there for a semester. We were excited to only have an hour between us for a few months.

Just before I got the visa, the flight was canceled and the EU borders were closed. Now our plans are delayed and we don’t know how long that will be. He is now in Aachen, Germany and I am in Pancevo, Serbia.

It has been four months since we last saw each other for New Years. Having to wait more without knowing when we will meet again is very frustrating.”

How They Still Have Fun in Quarantine: Ivana & Pavle’s Long-Distance Tips for Relationships

“Nothing has fundamentally changed between us except that we really miss each other and we want to hug already! But the relationship itself is as good as ever.

We keep in touch through long video calls and we send letters to each other. We make playlists on Spotify and we share TV shows and movies.

He is doing his master’s thesis now and I have my studies online. That keeps us both busy. I still give him German classes. We both do yoga every day. We try to understand and encourage each other.

Help each other grow, laugh a lot and share!  Don’t give in to uncertainty and fears.”

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