Sonja’s Long-Distance Relationship Tips and Advice

Sonja’s Long-Distance Relationship Tips and Advice
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Special edition: Long-Distance Relationship Tips and Advice from a sensuality and relationship coach.

Sonja and her partner are lucky to be quarantined together in the Netherlands now. They have their own struggles being stuck in a small studio space together, but Sonja wishes strength and inspiration in these challenging times. She’s a long-time relationship coach and digital nomad, so long-distance is nothing new for her.

The two of them met on Tinder. Right before Corona, they had been living in Thailand and were doing an intense 6-week tantra retreat. When the borders started closing, they made it back home just in time.

Sonja’s Long-Distance Tips for Relationships

Here are Sonja’s suggestions, based on her career as a sensuality and relationship coach, and her personal experience with long-distance relationship challenges.

“Not knowing when you can see your partner again is a big mental challenge. Before, you could daydream and live for the specific date you could hold each other in your arms again. I will share what has worked for me and for my clients.

See this period as a chance to deepen your intimacy instead of treating it as a threat to your relationship.

Have video calls. That’s what helps me. We both share how we are feeling, and what inspired us today.  I also love talking about the funny things that happened that day. Come up with new and interesting conversation topics to get know each other better.

Message each other what you’re grateful for. We’ve built a routine where we do that together every night. It feels like a virtual good night kiss. 

Reach out to your best friends for extra emotional support. I did this while I was in a long-distance relationship. This helped me to process the situation with friends and enabled me to have more uplifting conversations with my partner.

Do something you both enjoy. We love reading the same book and sharing what inspired us. We often listen to the same music while we both work from home. On Spotify, for example, I can click on the song and album he is listening to, and check out the same thing.

Keep the sexual spark alive between the two of you. Use your creativity! Exploring with phone sex and creating juicy fantasies together is an option. This is also perfect for role play! Let him call you and pretend that you are his boss or his teacher for example.

Are you a writer? One client of mine loves to write porn stories to her boyfriend wherein she describes in detail what she wants to do with him.

Please reach out to me if you need any support. I’m wishing you strength and inspiration.”


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