Tilane & Meric

Tilane & Meric
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Since quarantine, they’ve watched two planned trips get canceled and aren’t sure when they’ll see each other again.

Tilane met Meric 6 years ago at a motorcycle event organized by their parents in Chambery, France. The parents had been long-time friends but Tilane and Meric had never met. They didn’t start dating then because Tilane was only 16 and they had a 6 year age difference between them. They chatted casually as friends for the next two years, until they started dating in 2017.

“Even though we’d liked each other for so long, we felt nervous about dating because we lived in different countries. We thought, ‘Is a long-distance relationship worth it?’ At that time, I was doing my Erasmus study in Hungary and Meric was living in Germany.

We lived 600 kilometers apart. Everything was fine during that year because we saw each other once every month. Then I moved to Lithuania for my Master’s studies and Meric moved to Austria for work. We’ve still managed just fine, flying to visit each other every month, even though we now live 1300 kilometers apart.

I was planning to visit him in Austria one week after the borders closed, so my flight was canceled. He also had a ticket to visit me in Lithuania for Easter weekend (and his birthday) but that’s also not happening.

The disappointment of both canceled trips is very strong, but we use Facetime and Whatsapp to call each other every day. The non-physical presence is hard to overcome but all long-distance couple are strong and we stay persistent and positive with perseverance.

We remain patient but this is more and more difficult. We are now beginning the 5th week of quarantine as we wait for the borders to open.”

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