Branka & Marijana

Branka & Marijana
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Their connection is stronger than any difficulties these two have faced from the beginning. The daily challenges of being a Croatian and Serbian lesbian couple have made them strong enough to take on this new physical distance.

Branka met Marijana on Tinder in August 2019, while tending her aunt’s lemon trees on the beautiful Croatian island, Hvar. Marijana was at her home in Pančevo, Serbia. After a few days of chatting, the physical distance between them seemed completely irrelevant.

“We couldn’t stop talking. As the days passed, I just wanted to hear more and more. One day, I decided to plant a fig tree and I named it Marijana. Two weeks after we met online, I went back home to Zagreb and Marijana came to visit.

As soon as she got off the bus, I knew it wasn’t just an online infatuation. I kept my cool as we drove to my flat, but once we got inside, we started kissing. She was supposed to visit me for 2-3 days in Zagreb and then travel to the coast, but I asked her to stay… and she did. She stayed for 11 days.

Those days went by quickly, and I was planning to go to Sarajevo to take part in the first-ever gay pride there. I convinced Marijana to come with me, so we got in my car and drove there together. Those two days in Sarajevo were intense, emotional, exciting, and a perfect end to our first and very long ‘date.’ We started seeing each other every two weeks or so, either at her house in Serbia or at mine in Zagreb. We fell in love and have been together seven and a half months.

Because of the closed borders, It’s been almost a month since we last saw each other. We communicate a lot over the phone, video chats and messages. Some days are harder than others. We miss each other a lot.”

Branka & Marijana’s Long-Distance Relationship Advice

“To survive these crazy times we cook together, watch films together, and sometimes even sleep together over Skype. We spend many hours talking about our fears, worries, and basically anything that comes to our minds. It helps.

Being a lesbian couple is always a challenge. Being a lesbian couple when one is Croatian and the other is Serbian is even more challenging, due to the complicated political circumstances between the two countries. This new reality adds even more struggles, but we are doing really well so far, encouraging and listening to each other. I am proud of us.”

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