Maria & Jack

Maria & Jack
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After falling in love in Sri Lanka, Maria came back to visit Jack, with plans of doing so again. Those plans have been canceled, but they’re hoping to reunite in June.

Maria met Jack in early 2019 while traveling in the south of Sri Lanka. They fell in love while she and her friend stayed in his hostel for one month.

“When I left I just knew this couldn’t be the end, so we stayed in touch. A few months later I came back and stayed with him for several months. I visited him for a few weeks in February / March 2020 and came back to Germany just before the situation escalated and borders started to close. I didn’t see that coming so soon. Before I had the chance to think about going back to stay with him, the borders were already closed for Germans.

Now, we speak most often on the phone. We used to chat a lot throughout the days and call a few times a week, but now we speak up to 3 times a day, often just for a few minutes. Our plan is for me to go back to Sri Lanka in June and July. He wants to start a volunteering year in Germany in September. Even though we don’t know if they will happen, we are holding onto these plans and talk about it a lot.

The situation right now is not in our hands; we have to deal with whatever is happening. That is challenging! Especially for us because it’s always been a struggle for him to get a visa for the EU. To add to it, I’m now denied entry to Sri Lanka, which is totally new to me.”

Maria & Jack’s Suggestions for Far-Away Relationships

“Stay positive! I think if you believe in everything working out, it might as well work out. If not, you still remained positive and didn’t waste time with negative thoughts. Right now, we don’t know if our plans will happen or not, but our strategy is to stay optimistic and believe they will happen.

Of course, there are moments or days when one of us is more emotional, with fears and worries that come up. Then we talk about it and try to cheer the other one up.

These days, I’m choosing to focus on optimism and my belief in seeing Jack again in June. Every day, I choose not to give in to uncertainty and fear. I believe that would just make this time harder than it already is.”

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