Ruth & Eric

Ruth & Eric
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Ruth and Eric recently started dating after many years of friendship. They were road-tripping through Mexico and North America when Ruth had to go back to the UK.

All her life, Ruth had moved back and forth between New York and Scotland. At 24, she took a summer job in New York, met Eric at a bonfire party and they became best friends.

“The winter following that season we followed the call of adventure to Sweden and worked at a ski resort. Still, as friends! I traveled back to New York for the same job each summer and we had the wildest adventures: full moon parties, stunning hikes, long nighttime drives.

This last summer things were different. I had a lot of trouble at the job I’d previously loved and it damaged our relationship. I felt like I needed to run away. I convinced Eric to take a massive road trip with me, all the way from New York to San Diego, hoping to rekindle our friendship. We made it as far as South Carolina, when one night I threw myself at him, confessing I’d been in love with him all these years and was too scared to say it.

To my utter joy, he shared that feeling, and despite all that had gone on that Summer we set foot into our future. At the end of our epic trip, we were completely blissed out, but my visa was soon ending and I had to return to the UK. Eric went on to travel in Mexico but I just couldn’t let him do that alone. Within a couple of months, I met him there and we spent the winter volunteering. Eventually, we traveled back to New York.

Due to visa restrictions, I had to go back to the UK, and Eric went to San Francisco to stay with a friend. We had plans to attend a family wedding in South Carolina (where we had decided to be a couple) at the end of May. Sadly, that is canceled. We have no idea when the travel ban will be lifted, or if it will be possible to travel when it is.

One of the biggest challenges is the time difference. Currently, we are 7 hours apart, soon to be 8. This means I go my whole day without hearing from him, and by the time we are both awake, it can be a struggle to find that mutual free time.”

A Positive Aspect of the Separation

“I believe this is a great opportunity for us to grow individually that many couples do not get. We are able to express ourselves independently and enjoy separate hobbies and interests.”

Ruth’s Advice to Others in Long-Distance Relationships

“Talk every day! Schedule a time if you need to and keep each other updated on what you’re doing.

A game app can be nice, something a little different than a conversation to keep connected.

It’s also so nice to surprise your partner with something. Recently, I ordered something on amazon to get delivered to his house. He wasn’t expecting it at all and it means a lot to do those little things every so often.”

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