Cameron & Tessa

Cameron & Tessa
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They were together in DC for 6 months, then continued their relationship long-distance. Now, they’re unsure when they’ll see each other again.

Cameron met his girlfriend Tessa In a mansion in Washington DC, as part of a community event for a social impact startup incubator. He had just moved to DC for 6 months for the program, while she had been through it 6 months earlier.

Now, he is back in his home country, in Brisbane, Australia and Tessa is still in Washington DC.

“Our relationship has been part long-distance for a while now. We travel to see each other in different parts of the world: Indonesia, Colombia, USA. We have spent a large part of our relationship apart, but the idea of not being able to see each other when we choose is something new and uncomfortable.

A large part of dealing with the emotions of a long-distance relationship is managing when we will see each other next. Usually, that is either known or very flexible. The unknown is uncomfortable.”

Cameron’s Tips for Managing a Long-Distance Relationship

Communicate regularly. Figure out what times work for you both.

If one of us is very busy or focused, sometimes it is a balance between enough to stay connected without messages for the sake of messaging. We try to keep our communication meaningful to both of us.

When we are both focused on other things we have been on a call together, not actually speaking to each other while we do separate activities. Being able to celebrate your wins or console your losses together is very powerful, without having to distract your partner from their work the whole call.

Leave a message saying good-morning for your partner to wake up to.

Make use of the internet and technology for intimacy. We do a lot of sexting, sending each other explicit gifs from Tumblr, and selfies. We are considering opening a private blog to share with each other what turns us on. This is particularly for if we are in the mood but one of us is not available. We can leave something for the other person to enjoy when they wake up / are ready. We already do this on messenger but the blog would make scrolling back to find them when we need them easier.

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