…to keep me from Skypin’ with you, babe.

Pandemic-Crossed Lovers

They send us their stories and we send them to you.

Among thousands of others in similar situations, we (Mia and Filip) are continents away from each other: one in Pancevo, Serbia and one in Oregon, USA. Mia went home to visit family and friends, but after 2 months we made plans to meet up in April. When the world collapsed, that didn’t happen. 

Long-distance is the new norm in Corona times. 

Now, almost everyone is in some sort of far-away relationship. We are gathering stories from those who share their ups and downs and everything in between, while they connect with the ones they love in quarantine.



The day count grows longer and longer.


Not knowing when you’ll see your partner again sucks. 

On the bright side, letter-writing and pigeon messages are not the only option anymore. We’re all coming up with creative ways to connect virtually. In our own ways, we’re flipping off this virus and supporting each other online, despite the looming uncertainty. 

Everyone in the world is worried right now. 


When will I go back to work? Will I get sick? 

When can I take life back into my own hands? 


So here’s to the lonely, the at-risk, the loved, and the un-loved. Here are some brave stories to remind you that humans who love and care for each other blast through chaos and despair. 

Take that, COVID-19.  



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